I am Theriault Standridge, and I like guns.

by theriaultstandridge79

In a world that seems to increasingly frown on individual liberties, I stand alone.  A single man in a maelstrom of foolish collectivism.  One of the most fundamental natural rights we possess, that of life, is under attack.

It is self-evident that all men have a right to life, and with it comes the inescapable right and duty to defend one’s self.  Does the lion have claws?  Does the snake have fangs?  Does the elk have antlers?  These tools of self defense exist in nature, because under nature’s laws, all of us have a right to life.  That right can only be protected – defended – with weapons.

Man is not fast, nor does he have sharp claws or wings with which to fly.  Man has the intelligence to build tools and the opposable thumb with which to wield them.  Man’s claws are the tools he builds.  Those tools in a modern world are firearms.  Guns.  The very things governments would snatch from your hands.

But if a government fears an armed populace, isn’t that the surest guarantee of liberty?  Government does not give up rights, rather, it can only infringe upon them.  Therefore, they should fear an armed populace.  It is a populace that can defend itself that is the best hedge against tyranny.